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The project doesn’t necessarily represent the National Cultural Fund Administration’s (AFCN) position. AFCN is not responsible of the project’s content or of the way the project’s results can be handled. These are entirely the fund recipient’s responsibility.

Project implemented with the support of the Timișoara City Hall and the Local Council Timișoara.


About BETA

BETA (Timișoara Architecture Biennial) continues the series of 9 annual events (2007-2015) and, from the first edition in 2016, it becomes one of the main architectural manifestation in the country and euroregion, with an international dimension.

BETA reflects our determination, as a team and as a professional organization, to change the way people understand and appreciate the built environment, with the final scope of improving the processes by which we build our cities.
Structurally, BETA can be understood on two levels: a first identity layer, which is present transversely in the biennial and is concentrated in the 2018 edition’s main exhibition and all its related events – the On Housing theme, and a second layer related to the biennial’s objectives, which organizes its content through the following three categories: EDUCATION, PROFESSION and CITY.

We propose an architecture of action, defined by the intention to be proactive, to collaborate, to take part in dialogue and to relate. To ultimately understand the complete and complex map of the built environment. We aspire to promote interactions between various entities, before discussions about concrete interventions. We propose dialogue instead of declarations, collaboration instead of isolation, processes instead of disconnected events.

About OAR

BETA is organized by the Romanian Order of Architects – Timiș Territorial Branch, a professional organization which resolves to communicate that architecture is a public interest cultural act, with urban, economic, social and ecological implications. Its main objectives are to promote high quality architecture in all its forms and embodiments, to create and support an environment which encourages the interaction between the professional body, the civic society, the public administration and various stakeholders, to adapt architectural education to the tendencies of the socio-economic climate, as well as to promote the euroregional cultural identity within the national and international context.


The EDUCATION pillar takes various points of view into account: architectural education for the general public, in the academic environment and in the professional environment - internships and continuous learning. Through all the proposed events belonging to this category, we aim to generate a responsible dialogue concerning architecture education and the process of professional development.



The CITY pillar approaches urban-specific subjects, from the administration, professionals and citizens' varying points of view. Through all the events in this category we're hoping to motivate the participation and to enhance the dialogue and collaboration methods between all three parties.



The PROFESSION pillar approaches subjects concerning the profession's development, from the strategy-making starting point of a new office, to the very different ways each one of us understands what an architecture office actually means. We will also discuss possible directions and contemporary definitions of our field, as well as how we relate to it from the inside and how others do. Through all the proposed events in this category, we're looking to improve the architecture practice quality and our profession's relevance in society.